Activist Wisconsin Judge Appointed by Gov. Scott Walker Attacks Same-Sex Married Couple’s Surrogacy Arrangement and Skyrockets Legal Costs to about $400,000

Report that an activist Wisconsin Judge appointed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker disagreed with a same-sex married couple’s surrogacy arrangement and appointed a Guardian Ad Litem who a few years earlier wrote an article against same-sex marriage.  The Guardian Ad Litem charged about $100,000 in fees and the Court ultimately concluded same-sex married couple was great and “extraordinary” but implied that surrogacy was close to human trafficking and cautioned that next gay married couple might not be so great.  The Judge eventually resigned a year after the decision was issued and recently lost a bid to land a seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.   The family spent about $400,000 in unexpected legal fees before the decision was reversed by new judge.

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