International Adoptions by U.S. Families Face Critical Drop Everywhere but Africa

Report that international adoptions by citizens of the United States dropped critically all over the globe expect for Africa which increased substantially.

Reasons for drop include (1) tightened regulations; (2) moratoriums on adoption; (3) accusations of baby selling; (4) allegations of unsavory child adoption practices; (5) political independence; (6) show of force/economic success; (7) belief that international adoption should be a last resort; and (8) negative press coverage exposing international adoption abuses.

To give you an idea of the drop in International Adoptions by U.S. families, look at the ten year period between 2004 and 2014 of reported international adoption cases by US families from 22,884 (in 2004) to 6,441 (in 2014).

See also this article visually displaying drop in percentages of international adoptions along with brief synopsis of reasons.

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