Pennsylvania Adult Adoption Annulled to Allow Same-Sex Couple to Marry

Prior to the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, couples sought creative ways to legally protect their relationships; one such way was adult adoption.  Now that same-sex marriage is legal, the adult adoptions pose a problem because you cannot legally marry a relative.  This was the issue posed by Nino Esposito (now age 80) who adopted his partner, Roland Bossee, Jr. (now age 70), in 2012 in Pennsylvania in an adult adoption which established Mr. Bossee as the adult son of Mr. Esposito.  Now that they can legally marry since 2014 (PA) and 2015 (nationally), the couple applied to the orphan’s court to annul their adult adoption in order to marry.  That petition was denied initially in the Orphan’s Court, and then reversed yesterday by the Superior Court in this opinion.

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