Rhode Island Gov Vetoes Bill Seeking to Create a Grandparent Right to File for Adoption

Report that Governor Raimondo vetoed a Bill that would have established a grandparent right in certain cases to file a court proceeding to terminate parental rights in order adopt a grandchild.  By vetoing this bill, the State remains the only entity that can file parental termination court proceedings without a parent’s consent.  Governor Raimondo’s struggle in vetoing the bill appears to be over her interpretation of the best interest of a child.  If the best interest of a child is paramount (ie more important than anything else), the bill would have likely succeeded.  Instead, the Governor placed equal weight to important factors including but not limited to: (a)  the potential cost to the state to provide a free attorney to a parent who objects; and (b) the parent’s constitutional right to parent regardless of a child’s best interest.

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